T-Bock's - the top 8 classics

From peanuts to patty melts to all of the tv's. Seriously all of the tvs.  

1. all the peanuts you could want.

so many peanuts you realize you're really not that hungry anymore

2. finding the perfect spot.

either up front so you can bump into all your pals or in the back for the quiet dining experience

3. upstairs.


seriously gorgeous. just look at it!

4. televisions. think about it: so many amazing televisions.


probably the most tvs in one spot in all of Decorah

5. their peanut butter burger.


6. toppling goliath & local brews all the time.


what a blessing

7. may the neon light the way.

ah the subtle glow of neon caressing the top of my fries

8. not just peanuts: free popcorn.



t-bock's, we love you.
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